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Sleep & Energy Bundle

(24 Pack) 2 Box Bundle

Looking for a quick, all-natural energy boost during the day and a great-tasting bedtime drink that contains a blend of quality vitamins, minerals, and herbs?

This is the bundle you’ve been looking for, one 12 pack of each of our delicious all-natural drinks.

$59.99 or Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $55.99. / month


Natural, nighttime deep sleep enhancer

Valerian Root: Promotes deep sleep.*
Melatonin: Regulates the sleep-wake cycle.*
5HTP: Calms the mind.*
GABA: Reduces anxiety.*

Hipshots Energy Bottle


Natural, crash-free energy and mood lifter

Kanna: Elevates Mood*
L-Theanine: Reduces Stress*
B12: Boosts Energy*
Caffeine: Improves Cognition and Focus*

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