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Mushroom Mojo

(12 Pack) - 1 Box of 12 bottles

The ultimate in brain + body wellness elixir. A proprietary blend of 3 magic mushrooms for rejuvenation, energy and success. Enjoy the taste of a sweet mocha coffee drink and don’t ever lose your mojo!

Lion’s Mane: for improved cognition and memory w/ powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds 

Cordyceps: for increased energy and endurance w/ immunity boosting properties

Tremella : a nootropic (brain booster) that also delivers skin hydration, increased collagen production and antiaging effects through its high antioxidant content

$31.99 or $27.99 / month


Natural, crash-free energy and mood lifter

Maintain your mojo on the fly with Hipshots Energy shots. We’ve challenged the status quo with this natural, clean, great-tasting twist on the grab-and-go energy shot

Hipshots Energy Bottle

When to use

Afternoon Boost
Road Trips

What's Inside

Hipshots Energy shots let you turn it on in a pinch when you need a pick-me-up. Our blend of quality vitamins, minerals, and herbs in our natural formula boosts energy and improves focus and cognition. Reenergize your body and mind and seize the day with no guilt or regret – brought to you by Hipshots Energy shots. Finally, and energy shot that works!


A succulent plant native to South Africa whose usage as a traditional medicinal herb dates back thousands of years. Kanna is a natural mood booster, and its calming and mind-clearing properties promote cognitive function, improve focus, strengthen memory and reduce stress.


An amino acid that naturally occurs in green and black tea and some mushrooms. L-theanine improves mental function and cognition while calming nerves. When you ingest L-theanine, you’ll benefit from increased focus and mental alertness and do so without experiencing drowsiness.


Known as the “energy vitamin,” B12 is involved in many processes in the body, such as cellular energy metabolism, maintaining a healthy nervous system, and DNA synthesis. B12 is vital in regulating mood by boosting energy and improving memory. It also helps prevent heart disease.


A naturally occurring stimulant most commonly found in tea leaves, coffee beans, and the cocoa plant. Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system and brain activity, increasing the body’s circulation of cortisol and adrenaline. It’s commonly used as a cognitive enhancer, increasing focus and attention.

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